Decoupling / Anti-Crack Membrane

Decoupling / Anti-Crack Membrane

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Uncoupling / Decoupling membrane is a barrier placed between the tiles and the substrate ensuring that any movement or cracks are isolated and do not transfer through to the tiles. These anti-crack mats will also provide a 100% waterproof barrier.


Suitable for:

  • Wood Or Concrete Floors
  • Wetrooms or Commercial Areas
  • Underfloor heating
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone or Mosaic Tiles


Why Use A Waterproof Decoupling Membrane:


Building materials expand and contract with changes in temperature. These materials vary in how much they move and sometimes these differences create crack or stresses that can be disastrous to tiled above and cause it to expand the substrate which can then lead to cracks in tiles and grout joints, or even cause tiles to de-bond.


Typical Areas where the product would be used:

Bathrooms and Wetrooms in residential or Commercial installations such as commercial shower rooms, gyms or rooms where areas could be subject to movement so that the tiles above will not crack or de-bond. The Matting can be used on Concrete floors, Timber floors floors boards, ply or chipboard and can be used on Tile backer boards Gypsum based screeds

Uncoupling / Decoupling matting reduces the risk and will make sure that tiles do not crack.As the floor moves the fleece will decouple from the waterproof layer of the mat so allowing the floor to move but not the tiles on top of it, and prevent cracking. The fleece layer on the matting provides a protective barrier between your tiled surface and the floor substrate it will also give you a 100% waterproof Barrier.

1 meter wide by 5/20m long to cover 5m2 or 20m2



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